I started practicing yoga around 10 years ago when a friend recommended a class at a local gym. I had heard of yoga before but it was never on my radar, I was enthusiastic about fitness and pushing myself so the thought of yoga never really appealed. I attended a class and my opinion completely changed. I felt amazing, learnt to breathe properly and was faced by a completely different challenge, slowing down and paying attention! It was such a contrast to what I was used to and it brought balance into my life.I fell in love with yoga and t has been part of my life since.

Yoga has helped me through some tough times and by making it a daily habit it has improved my health, helped with injury and enabled me to manage stress and anxiety.

I decided to embark on yoga teacher training because I wanted to bring yoga into the lives of others, especially those, like me, who haven’t tried it before or are reluctant to try. I believe yoga can help everyone and my style of teaching is geared towards that. I use the ancient teachings and get inspiration from modern day influencers and motivational speakers to make it relatable.

When im not doing yoga, I enjoy running, HIIT training and walking. I absolutely adore nature and learning new things.