I’m Gemma and I have been teaching yoga for almost a year now after completing my 200hr Yoga Teaching Certificate at Whitespace Yoga Studio.

I have a passion to help people on the path to a healthier and happier life, and I believe this starts with yoga. Yoga isn’t just about having a good old stretch and busting out some funky shapes(even though it is fun to do so!), it’s also about reconnecting with your body and your mind and taking better care of them. 

I decided to become a yoga teacher and share the life changing magic, after a traumatic birth experience. For what was meant to be a happy time, I spent most of the weeks and months that followed, battling what was going on in my head. Even though physically I was on the road to recovery, my brain was telling me otherwise and I was on a downward spiral of negative thoughts.

To cut a long story short, one day I said to myself enough was enough and looked for help. Typical resources were not able to help, so I got back on my yoga mat after a very long break and started meditation classes. Using a combination of them both, I was able to fix myself using what was already in my body, I just needed some help to find it. And that’s the beauty of yoga, it helps us to reconnect with ourselves and find those tools and resources already in us to help ourselves and this is where I come in, I want to help you find them too!

Everyone comes to yoga for a different reason, be it to overcome a traumatic event, to have an escape from everyday life or an opportunity to improve how their body moves, no matter what is it, yoga has the answer.

Yoga really is magic x