Why do yoga?

Yoga is totally what you make of it. If you want to be challenged physically, it can do this, if you want some time just to chill and take it steady, it can do this, if you want to improve your flexibility, it can do this, if you want to create strength in the body, it can do this…I could go on. There are tons of reasons why you should do yoga and best of all, you already have all you need to start, a body! No matter your age, shape, form, you can do yoga. Don’t believe me? Then try this little video 🙂


If practised regularly, yoga has the ability to be transformative. Since my life changing experience 4 years ago that let me on the path to teach, my life has changed for the better. I take better care of my body and mind and make healthier choices. As a result I am a more fulfilled and healthier person.  Yoga isn’t just something to practice once a week, it’s a way of life. I often refer people to this video as its sums it up perfectly – https://youtu.be/OM7xNjKSRHg